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Tabaco College

It was once said that the longest journey starts with the first stride. Indeed, the making of an educational institution is not only a long journey worth initiating but is self-fulfilling. Truly, founding a school is more of a mission than an exercise of one’s profession. Thus, the community appreciates the establishment of a college tasked to free humanity from ignorance.

The birth of a tertiary school in Tabaco, Albay in 1982 was prompted by necessity – the need for an alternative collegiate institution in the First District of Albay. A need that is viewed by an educator as an opportunity to transform his dream into a reality, a mission – the making of a new college – the Tabaco College.

The year 1982 saw the great need for a tertiary school that would provide opportunities to young men and women in the First District of Albay to pursue an affordable, accessible, relevant and quality tertiary education. The founder and president, Atty. Dr. Antonio Z. Biglaen, a young professor then armed with a vision, saw this need to establish a college with the mission of catering relevant and quality education for the youth, using the founder’s ancestral home at #5 Tomas Cabiles Avenue, Tabaco, Albay as residence cum school building as the venue. Tabaco College initially offered one-year course in Retail Business Management leading to the four-year ladderized course in Entrepreneurial Management, and thereafter, offered four-year courses in Business Administration, Education and Liberal Arts.

In a span of 2 decades, Tabaco College now offers six post-secondary courses, six bachelor courses, six masteral programs, a college of law and three doctoral programs in management with 3 major fields of specialization.

Today, Tabaco College is the Premier School in the First District of Albay and in the City of Tabaco. The pioneering school to offer Nursing, Criminology and Post Graduate courses in Education, Business Management, Public Management and Police Management and the only Law School in this part of the Bicol Region.

Through the years, Tabaco College has evolved and nurtured its own identity, culture and tradition. Its graduates, physical facilities, instruction and goodwill, speak of its own vision and mission statements. With the first stride having started the journey, the educational vessel, the Tabaco College, is now in the middle of the sea of challenges charting its own course and direction to find her own destiny in the academic world.

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