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It was a grave school crisis that was felt throughout the Philippines in 1941. The Albay High School,then the only goverment high school in the province of Albay ,had to close its doors to over 400 secondary students. The females in the group to gain admission in the St. Agnes Academy,while the males went to the Catholic Central School in Tabacco. However, both schools could not give them accommodation.

Hopes were runnning low when through the office of the provincial governor of Albay, they sought the help of Engr. Roque F. Tabuena then engaged in the lucrative containing business, particularly in the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon.

According to the late Mrs. Bibiana P. Tabuena his wife, that night after the student came to plead for help, he could not sleep. He poundered long and hard on the problem. He wanted all along to come to their rescue, but naturally, he had some fears and misgivings. But after long carefull deliberation, and with the enthusiastic encouragement of his family Engr. Tabuena decided to accept the challenge. It was an opportunity to be of greater service to his people , he declared with firm resolve. He went to Manila, and less than 48 hours he secured the necessary government permit to offer first second year classes.

What really promoted the founder to embark on a venture which, admittedly, was a profession completely alien to him at that time and without any guarentee that it would earn him dividends may be gleaned from an interview with him by the
MIRROR, official organ of the Albay Institute.
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