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The beginnings of Partido High School went back to the time when the Provincial Board of Camarines Sur announced that whichever town that could meet the basic requirements of a school site, an enrolment of at least 200 students, and a building that could house the classes, a branch of Camarines Sur National High School (in Naga City) would be established. Goa mobilized its whole community. A school site was secured – a riceland located at the boundary of Goa – San Jose.

In June 1941, while war threats circulated, the Partido High School opened its first classes with a little over 200 first year students in four sections. They came from different towns in Goa Partido, representing all social classes.

The Pacific War temporarily halted the momentum and PHS reopened in 1945. The pioneer students were accelerated to second year a few months after classes resumed. Before the end of the school year, they were again accelerated to third year. They were called the “superstudents” for having been accelerated twice in a school year. Finally, the first batch of 120 students graduated in 1947.

The issue of a permanent school site cropped up and was settled when representatives from the Bureau of Public Schools came and recommended a transfer. Finally, in 1948, the school moved to its new site, a 10-hectare lot donated by the civic-spirited citizens of Goa. Its first buildings were constructed through the pork barrel funds of then Congressman Sebastian Moll and from Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) funds.

In the latter part of 1970, the PTA and Municipal Council of Goa sought Congressman Felix Fuentebella to file a bill in Congress for the conversion of Partido High School into Partido National High School. Unfortunately, martial law was declared in 1972.

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