CHED-BU Zonal Research Center
Zonal Research Center

Mandated to enhance the research functions of higher education institutions, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognizes the need to decentralize the promotion and management of research in order to broaden outreach and provide support needed by the HEIs more effectively, efficiently and equitably.

As the premier state university in the Bicol Region, the Bicol University was officially designated as Zonal Research Center for Region V which shall focus on education and socio-economics on May 18, 2009.  The BU Research and Development Center (BU-RDC) serves as the implementing unit of the CHED-BU ZRC.   In addition, Ateneo de Naga University (ADNU) was designated as the Program Cluster Implementer (PCI) of the CHED-BU ZRC which shall focus on Information Technology, Business Economics and Entrepreneurship. The functions of both CHED-BU ZRC and CHED-ADNU PCI are provided in the Memorandum of Agreement which was signed on July 3, 2009 by Hon. Emmanuel Y. Angeles, CHED Chair, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, BU President and Rev. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, SJ, ADNU President.

The CHED-BU ZRC officially started its operation in July 2009 with the designation of Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas as ZRC Director and the fund allocation was released on August 7, 2009.  The director is assisted by two Special Technical Staff; namely Prof. Michael V. Montealegre and Prof. Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio, and two staff on job order status; namely, Mary Joy V. Chapman and Zaira H. Gonzales.

With six months of operation from its inception, the CHED-BU ZRC  have made significant accomplishments along the four component strategies; namely, Zonal Research Program, Research Expertise and Capability Building, Data Management and Maintenance, and Networking and Research Utilization.

Zonal Research Program

o   Review and Formulation of the Zonal Research Program (ZRP) for Bicol Region was conducted at BU GASS Conference Room on August 25, 2009.  The participants during said activity came from different agencies; namely, NEDA, DOST, private sector, UNC, ADNU, BU, CHED ROV, DepEd, CSPC, and CHED-BU ZRC Staff.  The Zonal Research Program (ZRP) themes focus on teacher education, socio-economics, information and communication technology, and basic economics and entrepreneurship. 

o   Presentation of CHED-BU Zonal Research Program to the Regional Development Council– Social Development Committee was held at NEDA Conference Room on September 16, 2009.  This was conducted to seek the comments and insights of various stakeholders.

o   Meeting of CHED-BU ZRC staff with the Technical Staff of CHED ROV headed by the Director, Dr. Dominador Peralta, Jr. was held to tackle matters regarding the upcoming activities of the ZRC on September 28, 2009 at BU Board.  As agreed upon during the meeting, the activities to be conducted are: Zonal Research Center Orientation on October 16, 2009, and Research Proposal Preparation Workshop on October 28-30, 2009.

o   Zonal Research Center Orientation was conducted at BU College of Science Auditorium on October 16, 2009 in order to enhance the awareness of the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) on the ZRC and its ZRP.  This activity was actively participated in by the Deans of Graduate School, Research Coordinators and Heads of the 30 HEIs in Bicol.

o   Consultation Meeting with HEIs Re: Research Policy was held at the BU GASS Conference Room on December 18, 2009 in order to seek the comments, opinions and insights of the representatives of HEIs on the CHED proposed research policy.   Twenty Five participants representing 23 HEIs participated in the meeting.

Research Expertise and Capability Building

o   Research Proposal Preparation Workshop was conducted at BU College of Education Audio Visual Room on October 28-29, 2009 in order for the different HEIs to come up research proposals for possible funding from CHED.  With a total of 55 participants from different HEIs, twenty-seven (27) proposals were presented during the workshop. 

o   Training on Quantitative Research Method was conducted at BU College of Science on December 7-9, 2009.  Its objective is to equip prospective researchers with quantitative tools which they can use in the conduct of research.         Fifty -one participants from 20 HEIs participated in the said activity. 

Database Management and Maintenance
            The CHED-BU ZRC has collected Research Management Information System (RMIS) from twenty-five out of the thirty HEIs or 83.33 percent.  Currently, the center is synthesizing the data collected which will be used for determining the state of higher education research in Region V. 
            The current collection of RMIS was facilitated by the monitoring done by the staff through email, phone and actual visit to the concerned HEIs.  The encoding, updating and synthesizing of the RMIS data were expedited because of the facilities procured for the center which include 1 unit laptop, 1 unit desktop, 1 unit printer, 1 unit multimedia projector, and 1 unit fax machine. 

Networking and Research Utilization

The CHED-BU ZRC has established networking with thirty (30) HEIs.  As of December 2009, the ten proposals received by the Center have been endorsed by the Center through Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, ZRC Director and have been duly approved by Jean C. Tayag, Director IV, CHED-OPPRI.
Moreover, the CHED-BU ZRC also gave financial support to the twenty-one (20) researchers from five different HEIs who participated and presented their paper during conferences held locally and nationally.   The five HEIs are the following: Bicol University (10 participants), DEBESMSCAT (2), Partido State University (2) ,  Sorsogon State College (4) and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (2). 

Finally, the CHED-BU ZRC evaluated and endorsed to CHED Main Office for travel assistance four papers for presentation in international conferences abroad.  The researchers, title of papers and conferences attended are as follows:

1.      Francia L. Villaflor (Bicol University)
Academe Tactical Involvement in Village Empowerment (ACTIVE)
20th Asia Pacific Social Work Conference 2009
Auckland, New Zealand, November 11-13, 2009

2.      Moises L. Toyado (CSC)
Financial Capability and Buying Practices of Barangay-based Abaca Entrepreneurs
in the Province of Catanduanes
ISSAAS International Congress at Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhonpathom, Thailand, January 11-15, 2009

3.      Arnulfo M. Mascariñas (Bicol University)
Impact of the Techo-Gabay Program on the Production of Cabbage in Camarines Sur, Philippines
ISSAAS International Congress at Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhonpathom, Thailand,  January 11-15, 2009

4.      Rebecca Rosario Bercasio (Bicol University)
Efficacy of English Lessons in Enhancing the Emotional Intelligence of the Students
5th International Conference on Language Education Manila, Philippines, December 3-5, 2009





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